Below are lyrics I've written to some beloved songs:

 "Libertango" (ASTOR PIAZZOLA)

I watch you in the light before the music starts.
I keep time with my heart
watch you move, imagining your skin 
drawing close, the dance begins.

Our fingers intertwine, your hair against my face.
We are free, yet locking waist to waist.
The rhythm drives this tangling of our limbs.
I never want this dance to end.

Every step brings us closer to a lifetime apart,
for I know I only have this dance and not your heart.
For now, imagine that you're mine
As we dance, our hearts will keep the time.

© Tiffany Austin 2011

 "Bemsha swing" (THELONIOUS MONK)

Just swing!

When it comes to music, the rhythm is king.


Just swing!

'Cause if it ain't groovin' it don't mean a thing.


Just swing!

Get up on the floor and give everything.


Just swing!

Feel it in your soul and your feet'll take wing.


© Tiffany Austin 2015